TOKiMONSTA on reimagining classical music & her next album


“I have a lot of weird things that happen to me,” laughs TOKiMONSTA, referring to the regularity with which people use that very adjective to describe her distinct, idiosyncratic sound. “I like weird; weird is different. If it wasn’t weird, it’d just be the same. No one needs more of the same.” 

She’s right, too: with her bizzaro blend of kaleidoscopic electronic music meets futuristic R&B and hip hop, TOKiMONSTA (real name Jennifer Lee) has…

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Napapijri 4 seasons  Napapijri 4 seasons  Napapijri 4 seasons  Napapijri 4 seasons  Napapijri 4 seasons  Napapijri 4 seasons  
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