Watch a rare deleted scene from Wes Anderson’s first film

bottle rocket

Wes Anderson’s often under-appreciated first film, Bottle Rocket, starring his now-favourite but then-unknown Wilson brothers, is finally being given the Criterion Collection treatment it rightly deserves. Released in 1996, the film signalled the start of everything we now come to associate with the director.

To celebrate the release, Little White…

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Take loads of selfies? You might have ‘Selfitis’


We all love selfies, the IG likes, that sense of validation in the cold dark of night from randoms you went to school with and Russian bots double-tapping on your face. Now your love of taking photos of your face has been cast as a supposedly serious psychological complex called Selfitis. No really, not kidding.

The study carried out by Dr Mark Griffiths and Janarthanan Balakrishnan, researchers at the American Psychiatric Association, took a sample of 100 people in India and…

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FUPU on the night they were attacked in London


Fuck U Pay Us is a punk band formed in south Los Angeles in 2016. Visiting London in June, three of the four bandmates were violently attacked by a white man and white woman at a local Kebab shop the night prior to their show at Afropunk. The male perpetuator, who the band described as described as a “skinhead-looking white man on meth” physically assaulted Tianna Nicole, FUPU’s drummer, breaking…

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Are we leveraging social media, or is social media leveraging us?


At the New Art Dealers Alliance fair – aka NADA, aka indie Basel – in Miami, several innovative young artists gathered for a panel called “Breaking Barriers.” Sponsored by the year-old art magazine DRØME, “Breaking Barriers” was described as a discussion centred around “the concept of razing the walls that relegate artists into limiting boxes,” with a focus on “identity and the interconnectedness of the arts.” This clearly could have gone in…

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Alok Vaid-Menon Ari Fitz, Julia Cumming Ari Fitz Arianna Gil Brujas Carly Mark 
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The ‘word of the year’ is a word literally no-one ever uses


‘Youthquake’, ‘antifa’ and ‘broflake’ are just some of the words that apparently defined 2017 – a 2017 that me, you and about 99.999 per cent of the living population didn’t live in.

Oxford Dictionaries announced that ‘youthquake’ was this year’s word of the year, made so to reflect the tumultuous political and social climate, which has seen worldwide protest and unrest. From the youth vote that got behind Jeremy Corbyn, to the young voices in the Black Lives Matter movement and those…

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Watch Adwoa Aboah and Hanne Gaby talk mental health on the Dazed sofas

Gurls Talk by Adwoa Aboah

Gurls Talk, the ground-breaking online platform founded by model and activist Adwoa Aboah, is dedicated to helping young women find their voices. The mental health community was created by Aboah, who has a history with mental health issues, as a space to promote empowerment, self-care, and community. It’s since blossomed into videos, articles and

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Gurls Talk by Adwoa Aboah  Gurls Talk by Adwoa Aboah  Gurls Talk by Adwoa Aboah 
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