Trump makes moves to restrict birth control coverage

Birth control

The Trump administration is currently working on a new rule that would overhaul coverage rules for reproductive services from the previous Obama-era. The new rule would mean employers could restrict birth control coverage in employee insurance plans based on their moral or religious objections.

As the Wall Street Journal reports, the new rule will be similar to a…

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Photos capture RuPaul & Lady Gaga partying in downtown NYC

Victor P. Corona’s Night Class: A Downtown Memoir

As a sociology professor craving the ability to join in the notoriously lavish New York club scene, Victor P. Corona underwent a transformation – from “bald, nerdy sociology professor” to colouring his hair and smearing glitter and make-up on his face in an attempt to “bypass the velvet rope and make sense of downtown New York, that glittery incubator of fabulous identities”. After a brief taste of the eccentric scenes the cosmopolitan capital had to offer, Corona was hooked.


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Victor P. Corona’s Night Class: A Downtown Memoir Victor P. Corona’s Night Class: A Downtown Memoir Victor P. Corona’s Night Class: A Downtown Memoir Victor P. Corona’s Night Class: A Downtown Memoir Victor P. Corona’s Night Class: A Downtown Memoir Victor P. Corona’s Night Class: A Downtown Memoir 
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Actress’s enigmatic new video comes directed by Dean Blunt

Actress - Falling Rizzlas video

Darren Cunningham has a way with words. The exquisitely titled “Falling Rizlas” appeared on AZD, Cunningham’s latest album under his shapeshifting Actress alias. It’s one of the electronic producer’s prettiest tracks, but there’s an enigmatic quality to it too, a sense of something else going on beneath the sound.

Its new video is similarly elusive, coming directed by Dean Blunt. Blunt has gained a reputation…

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A pro-Trump march is coinciding with a pro-Juggalo march


Given Donald Trump’s inability to condemn the white supremacists in Charlottesville this weekend, it’s likely that the far right are feeling emboldened right now. And next month, a pro-Trump rally is set to descend on Washington, DC’s National Mall to further voice support for the president and insist that his agenda is on the right track.


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What does it mean to be young and in love?

Love Conquers All

Love is a heavy word and not an easy topic to conquer – its definition flickers between people and perplexes the best of us. Most develop an understanding of the prospect from pop culture’s romanticised ideals; introduced at a young age and fed to us through advertising, films, and fairytales.

But what’s the true power of love? Keen to discover, London-based photographer Harry Conway embarked on an uplifting journey of…

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Love Conquers All  Love Conquers All  Love Conquers All Love Conquers All Love Conquers All Love Conquers All 
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Spotify pulls racist ‘hate bands’ and their music offline

Spotify nazi band

Musicians classed as ‘hate bands’ have been removed from streaming service Spotify, as the company makes moves to rid the platform of white supremacist musicians and their work.

This decision comes a day after Digital Music News published a list of 37 named musicians with white supremacist, neo-Nazi output that were still on Spotify. However, it was back in 2014 that the Southern Poverty Law Centre first published a report, ‘

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Rejected Martin Shkreli trial jurors: ‘he looks like a dick’

Martin dickhead

Pharma-wanker Martin Shkreli was convicted earlier this month for three counts of fraud and conspiracy. He’s known and hated worldwide for increasing the cost of Daraprim – a drug used to treat HIV/Aids patients – by 5,000 per cent, as well as supporting a 400 per cent increase in price for the EpiPen.  

If you want to bask in the flaming of the smug rat even more, Harpers has published parts of the…

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