New data confirms that UK music venues are under threat, surprising no one

Grace Jones - George Tavern

It’s not exactly news, in 2018, that UK music venues are under threat. It feels like every other week a beloved space shuts its doors for good, but so far it’s been hard to qualitatively prove just how bad the situation is. However a new survey, the UK’s first ever live music census, has confirmed with hard data what we knew anecdotally to be true – that Britain’s venues are finding it increasingly hard to operate against a “perfect storm” of rising business rates, private property…

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Greta Gerwig on memory, teenage angst, and pre-internet culture

Lady Bird

It finally feels like popular culture is celebrating women who are a little too much. Rose McGowan’s patriarchy-shattering loudness. Cardi B’s porous sexuality. Pop singer Lorde is also someone who has made art out of too-muchness, describing her emotional track “Liability” as an ode to “that high school feeling of walking into a room…

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Lady Bird Lady Bird Lady Bird Lady Bird Lady Bird Lady Bird 
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Sisters Uncut protested Theresa May’s domestic violence bill at the BAFTAs

Sisters Uncut

In the spirit of Time’s Up, domestic violence protesters crashed the BAFTAs red carpet last night.

Members of the feminist direct action group Sisters Uncut wore t-shirts that read “Time’s Up Theresa” while linking arms and chanting “sisters united will never be defeated”, eventually lying on the floor in full view of the press. They remained there for several minutes before being led away by police. No arrests were made.

Protestors were also…

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How the post-Soviet generation found its identity through portraiture

Post-Soviet Visions

When it comes to photography, portraiture has always been one of its most sincere and revealing genres. We turn to portraiture to explore the cultural movements of the past – be it club-goers in 1980s New York or pioneers of the punk movement – but also to understand the times we live in today. New subcultures, the rise of digital technologies, and the changing perception of adulthood and sexuality all find a reflection in the faces of young people photographed all over the world. A lot…

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Post-Soviet Visions Post-Soviet Visions Post-Soviet Visions Post-Soviet Visions Post-Soviet Visions Post-Soviet Visions 
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Trolls are claiming white people were assaulted at Black Panther screenings


All in all, Marvel’s Black Panther movie has been one of the most positive things to ever come out of Hollywood for black people. We have been to Wakanda and back and are still on a high after having seen so many people who look like us on the big screen. But, thanks to the furore around it being a blackity-black movie, there was always going to be a racist controversy.

I just wasn’t quite expecting it to look like the faces of battered white…

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M.I.A’s new self-shot documentary continues a pattern of controversy


The first images of MATANGI/MAYA/M.I.A, Steve Loveridge’s long-awaited documentary about the rapper and singer-songwriter M.I.A. (Maya Arulpragasm), show swirling green lights coming in and out of focus while a young woman talks about directing, performing and being in front of a camera. Some infectious beats creep in with a hip-hop weight and unmissable magnetic vocals. She’s distorted, it’s an abstract introduction to the subject. This opening teases what expectations might…

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A school shooting survivor just burned Donald Trump in a brilliant speech


A survivor of the school shooting which took the lives of 17 students and staff members, has spoken out in a now-viral speech against Donald Trump, the NRA and the power of her teenage peers.

Emma Gonzalez is a senior at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School and took the stand at a local anti-gun rally in a display of strength that few could muster but that many have…

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