How to know if you’re stuck in a Michael Haneke film


December sees the release of Happy End, the latest offering from Austrian auteur Michael Haneke, a director for whom collecting the Palme d’Or has become something of a habit. In typically ‘Hanekian’ fashion, Happy End is not all that happy and sees the filmmaker on fine form, dissecting human nature, class and racial tension in his typically provocative style. In celebration of the film’s impending release, here’s a handy guide on if things start getting weird and you…

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This new Lady Gaga waxwork is bad and disturbing

Lady Gaga waxwork

A wax figure of Lady Gaga has been unveiled at an exhibition in Lima, Peru, and it is genuinely disturbing – real American Horror Story vibes.

Over the years, there’s been some questionable artistic takes on Gaga, as well as other musicians cast in wax, from Britney to Beyonce and Jared Leto. This waxwork places Gaga in her 2010 VMAs meat dress era.

There’s no word on where exactly this version of Mother Monster has been set, as Gay…

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Lil B got jumped backstage but responded with love


Lil B was forced to cancel his performance at Rolling Loud festival in Miami, after allegedly being attacked by rapper A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie.

The relentlessly positive rapper told the crowd that he was jumped by A Boogie and ten others after he “said something” about Boogie’s music. 

“A Boogie and his crew just jumped me in the back… But it’s all love, I don’t promote violence, I’m never with the violence, so it’s all good,” he said. “I can’t even do…

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2017: the year South Asian culture finally gets celebrated?

simran 2

It might seem unremarkable to you that a load of your brown mates have celebrated Diwali this weekend, but for most second and third-generation South Asian immigrants, identity is a nuanced thing. Celebrating cultural differences can be a bit unwieldy when there’s a perpetual balancing act between accepting the customs and traditions of your family’s world, while simultaneously wanting to blend, unnoticed, into the local culture. The latter has often overtaken the former since “immigrant”…

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Dazed Secret Lectures: lessons from new media guerillas


Last Tuesday, Dazed and Huawei hosted their first in a series of Secret Lectures – as part of an ongoing collaboration to promote the relationship between creativity and tech. In the echoing chambers of an abandoned power station, panellists explored the rise and importance of alternative voices in the media today.

Susie Bubble, the founder of The Style Bubble blog, gal-dem magazine’s Liv Little, Olya Kuryshchuck…

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Solange reminds us not to touch any black women’s hair


The last time I had braids put into my ‘fro, a man at a festival thought it would be funny to run his dirty hands through my hair without asking. He tried to laugh it off but my (black) friends were having none of it. Another time, a (white) friend thought the best way to get my attention would be to grab my braids and pull me around to face her.

This is a daily, boring reality for many black women living in the UK and elsewhere. Unwanted, dehumanising hands jamming their way into our…

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