Artist says Katy Perry and K-pop band SF9 stole his artwork

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London-based artist Dom Sebastian has accused Katy Perry of lifting his artwork for the cover of her single, Chained to the Rhythm (Hot Chip remix). Sebastian has also expressed dismay over SF9, the K-pop band, allegedly using the same image as their album cover without any credit or compensation.

In an Instagram post earlier yesterday, which compared the original artwork and single cover, Sebastian also relayed his concerns…

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In the fight for trans liberation we cannot leave people of colour behind


On Friday, Stonewall released statistics that looked at the realities of living in the UK whilst transgender. These statistics offer important and up to date findings on our realities of living – something previously missing in research archives.

Falling after three months of vicious media attacks, interrogations and an unhealthy obsession with trans identities – led by The Times, The Sun…

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The organiser of the Women’s March reflects on the world a year on


Starting with the inauguration of Donald Trump and ending with the downfall of Harvey Weinstein, it’s little wonder that 2017 saw ‘feminism’ named Merriam-Webster’s word of the year. Be it opposing misogyny at the highest level or speaking out about their own experiences, Time Magazine took the temperature of 2017 when it crowned ‘the silence breakers’ its

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